West Sumatera is not only has cultural and culinary wealth, but also has many interesting arts with their own uniqueness. The creating can not be rid of cultural process and local custom. Besides, the arts also has meaning and deep history  for Minangkabau society. Minangkabau culture is one of culture in indonesia which has various literature wealth. Generally, Minangkabau’s literature form of spoken literature such as poem (pantun), magic formula(mantra) and pasambahan. Those kind of spoken literature is a product of Minangkabau traditional society. One of spoken literature in Minangkabau is Batombe (berpantun). It is a poem performance comes from Abai Village , South Selatan Regency. 

Batombe has existed before the coming of Dutch colonialist. It is created to give an amusement and spirit to the society which build traditional house.  At the time, the condition of Abai village was still quite. It was surrounded by the forest. Abai’s society is  afraid if wild animals from forest will attack them. Finally, they deal to build a traditional house with 21 rooms cooperately. The society cooperate in preparing the construction. 
The first step they must do is look for main material. They deal to take the materials from forest. After the preparation done, they go to the forest to look for the woods as the buttress of rumah gadang. For the women, they support by giving food and drink to the worker.  It takes a long time to build a rumah gadang,because the house which built is really big. Day by day, people feel bored and surfeit in building the house. Until some of people suggest another society to sing a poem contents religious advice and motivational word, to entertain and motivate people in continuing the construction process. 

Followed by traditional music and dancing, some society mainly teenagers danced, sing while responding the poem. By the spirit given by the player and society, the people who built rumah gadang continue the construction. This story is believed as the history of Batombe in Abai village, South Solok.

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